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  • Trail Series Full Cage Kit – C Pillar
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This is a DIY cage kit that will completely replace your factory cage. Function was number one when designing this kit. Ample headroom and a handful of options are available so you can customize your order the way you want it. Installation has been simplified with no notching needing to be done. The kits ships UPS so you don’t have the hassle with truck freight either.


  • A-pillars are a 1 piece tube design all the way to the floor.
  • Tubes follow the factory lines so your door surrounds will still work.
  • Factory soft and hardtops still work flawlessly.
  • Vertical tubes are left a little long at the bottom to accommodate for damaged or modified tubs. None require a notch to be made as they are straight cuts.
  • The cage is made using North American manufactured 1.75”o.d. x .120 wall ASTM A513 Type 5, C1020 DOM tubing which is most commonly referred to as seamless tubing in the off road and high performance industries although that is incorrect. The cold working process “DOM” works the weld area to produce a sound, dense, and homogeneous structure comparable to that of the base metal. The weld line disappears, causing DOM tube to be virtually seamless. The surface is superior to that of regular seamless tubing, since the material has been cold drawn from strip steel.
  • You do NOT need to dissemble the dash for TJ’s or LJ’s. Detailed instructions will walk you through how to form the ductwork to allow enough room for the tube to pass behind the dash.
  • Foot parking break is limited access. It is still functional, modifying the foot pedal (bending it) or switching to a hand brake is an option as well.
  • Detailed instructions with pictures are included.
  • CNC cut base plates.
  • CNC cut windshield plates on the Trail Series.
  • Trail Series cage ties into the windshield for support and maintain the factory lines.
  • The Rock Series cage is the same as the Trail Series except none of the tubing terminates at the windshield so when your windshield is down, it’s a smooth transition for when you sliding across obstacles.


  • Assembly will require welding. If you want to easily remove the cage for painting on TJ & LJ models, leave the foot plates off on the A-pillars until after paint and re installation.
  • Any welding process can be used during assembly. Most commonly used process is MIG (GMAW) with an E70 series welding wire and 25/75 shielding gas mixture.
  • Unlikely however some fitting maybe required if your Jeep is well used and abused. Maybe you should check out our 6 point frame tie in kit.
  • Bolts are not included for the foot plates as too many variations exist with all the rocker guard options.
  • Installation is always available by us. Call or email for details and pricing.

Optional add ons:

  • Harness tube for behind the front seat. $90
  • Harness tube for behind the rear seat. $90
  • Dash V tube. $45-$55 Will limit visibility some
  • 6 point frame tie in kit. $180 2005&06 will need the charcoal canister relocated.
  • Weld in seat belt or harness bung. $9ea
  • Seat framework tubing kit $189
  • Custom fabrication work available. Call or email for details.

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